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Tragic photos before death

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. What happens after we say cheese? We have all seen post-tragedy photos of terrible accidents, but there is something particularly ominous and haunting about pre-tragedy photos: smiling families, groups embarking on explorations and daring stunt attempts, not in the least expecting to be caught in a natural disaster or a horrific plane crash.

Some of these pictures appear so unassuming and cheerful that it makes what followed all the more horror story-like. The only thing that's more morbid than these creepy photos was the trend of picturing your dead relativesas though they were alive, during the Victorian era in England.

After this, you might get a clue of what's in store with this scary pictures list. Scroll down below with caution to see the Bored Panda round-up of some of the most creepy historical photos taken before a tragedy.

This post may include affiliate links. Robert Landsburg Report.

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NASA Report. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report. Unknown Report. Giant space Tiger - I'm from Northern Ireland- lived through the troubles and the situation is extremely complex. Best not to make political comments on a situation you don't understand. We are just grateful that those days have passed and we can go about our lives without worrying about being blown up or shot. This is heartbreaking. Can you imagine how terrified this 14 year old was on realizing his fate?

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Columbine High School Report. Dave Hally Report. I remember this happening because it was a huge atrocity and because there were a lot of people on board heading to a conference on AIDS.

So doctors, researchers, and a lot of people who were working towards a cure. CNN Report. I've heard about them.

The man protected his girlfriend by throwing her to the ground out of harms way when the gunman started shooting.

She survived thanks to his quick reflexes and selflessness. A true hero.People always seem to be taking pictures. This is especially true now that almost everyone has a camera. We like to capture special moments to show our friends and family as well as bringing ourselves back to the moment.

Of course, there are plenty of other things and people to photograph too. The thing is, you never know what you might accidentally capture on film. There is a pretty well-known picture that was taken a couple of years ago in China. The photo is of a small group of people standing on a bridge in thick fog. There is nothing really interesting about it until you look further down the bridge and see a body falling into the river far below. It turns out that two young people were committing suicide by jumping off the bridge and just happened to jump at the same time the photo was taken.

There are plenty of photos around that accidentally capture people during or just before a tragic event occurs. Here are 15 scary photos taken before death came knocking.

Robert Budd Dwyer was a politician in Pennsylvania. In the early s, the member of the Pennsylvania State Senate and State Treasurer was under investigation for corruption and, despite proclaiming his innocence, was found guilty on 11 different counts on December 18 th State law was such that Dwyer could not be removed from office until his sentencing on January 23 rd Dwyer called a press conference for January 22 nd.

During this conference, he read a prepared statement to the crowded room and then pulled out a. He calmly asked anyone that would be offended to leave the room. This photograph shows the disgraced politician as he put the barrel of the gun in his mouth. He proceeded to pull the trigger instantly killing himself. This whole incident was captured on film so all you gore nuts out there can see the video. Be warned. Parkour has become an extremely popular pseudo-sport in recent years.

It is based on army training and involves going from one point to another in the most efficient way no matter what obstacles might be in the way. Pavel Kashin took the sport to the extreme. These stunts must have given him quite a rush. This is the last photo of Kashin as he performed a backflip on the ledge of a storey building in St.

Petersburg, Russia. He ended up tumbling off the ledge and fell to his death. Wallace Jr. He was apprehended by an off-duty police officer at the scene. Moments after this photograph was taken, the year-old criminal stabbed and killed Officer Green who was just 36 years old at the time. Wallace fled into a house and a wild gunfight followed. Police used tear gas to try to get Wallace out of the house but that failed.The title of this post is actually 50 Best photos in History, going through them, I have not found one picture that is not sad, hence came up with the title.

These fifty pictures are a testimony to the tragedy caused by humankind to the same. Compiling these photos and adding the captions to them was as painful as looking at these picturesif you are going through, please be aware that you might have seen a few of the pictures in this collection, but there could be many more that you might not have seen. Please read the captions as each image is associated with a tragic, path breaking and historic story.

The girl 12 years, Omayra Sanchez, caught between the remnants caused by the eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruiz, in Armero, Colombia. The girl, after 60 hours of fighting, lost consciousness and died. Source and copyright www. Championship football teams between Prague and Bratislava. The rightist student killed the president of Socialist Party Inejiro Asanuma during a speech in Tokyo.

One soldier was killed by a sniper embraces the chaplain of the armed Luis Padillo in the Venezuelan naval base of Puerto Capello. The Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc autoinmola was set on fire in Saigon in protest against religious persecution government sudvietnamita. A woman cries in Turkish Cyprus by the death of her husband, a victim of the Greek civil war.

The U. The commander of an M48 tank from 7 th Cavalry in the so-called 'iron triangle' of South Vietnam. December 29, Wolfgang Peter Gelles, Germany. Phan Thi Kim Phuc, center, runs from the scene where the planes of troops have launched sudvietnamitas Napalm, Trangbang, South Vietnam. The democratic president of Chile, Salvador Allende, moments before his death during the coup, in the Moneda presidential palace in the capital Santiago de Chile. Child victims of drought in Kao, Niger.

A woman and a girl are launched by the window to escape the incedio his home in an apartment building in Boston, USA. Palestinian refugees took refuge in the district of La Quarantine Beirut, Lebanon. The police evicted the ghetto with canisters of tear Modderdam, Cape Town, South Africa, where its inhabitants are protesting against the demolition of their houses.

Protests against the construction of Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan. A missionary grabs the hand of a child about to die of hunger in Karamoja, Uganda. Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Tejero Molina and several members of the Guardia Civil and military police attacked the parliament of Spain in Madrid in an attempt foiled coup.

Slaughter of Palestinians by the forces perpetada falangistas Cristina in the refugee camp of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut, Lebanon.

December, Pablo Bartholomew, India, Ga mma. Child killed by poison gas after the explosion at the Union Carbide chemical plant in Bhopal, India. One mother, in Kuro, implores on the coat of police after her son has been arrested for accusing the government of fraud in the presidential elections in South Korea. Boris Abgarzian is aflije of sorrow for the death of her son, aged 17, victim of an earthquake in Armenia in the former Soviet Union.

A protester faces a column of tanks from the Chinese government during the protests of Tiananmen Square, Beijing, calling for democratic reform. Women crying at the deathbed of Elshani Nashim, 27, who was killed during protests against the decision of the former Yugoslavia to abolish the autonomy of Kosovo. Mother holding the body of her son, victim of hunger, before being buried in Bardera, Somalia.

Palestinians raise their children toy guns in a defiant gesture, in Gaza City, Palestine. A Hutu man maimed by Hutu militias, suspected of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels in Rwanda.

tragic photos before death

A child rests on the rear glass of a bus packed with Palestinian refugees fleeing fighting between Russian troops and Chechen separatists in Shali, Chechnya. The bus was forced to return to Grozny. Victims of landmines in Kuito, Angola, a nation where many people were killed and injured during the civil war.

A woman cries outside the hospital Zmirli, Algeria, following a slaughter took place in Bentalha. Druante a funeral, relatives and friends comfort to the widow of a soldier of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who was shot while patrolling the previous day.

The body of an Afghan refugee child is ready to be buried.Check out ten of those numerous tragic selfies which were taken moments before tragedy struck. Jenni Rivera was a famous singer for Mexican music and her sudden death in a plane crash on December 9th, shocked everyone. The 43 year old died along with six other staff members and friends.

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All they left behind was a selfie which they took minutes after take off. The selfie looked of poor quality because was not quite a fertile period for a selfie camera and selfies were considered quite exotic back then. The selfie went viral and is the last photo left of Rivera and her crew.

Though it is highly unlikely for a selfie to cause the plane crash but there is a rule that all mobile phones should be turned off during the flight to avoid damaging the on-board equipment. Youngsters have this craze to run in front of bulls while risking their buttocks and their lives just for the sake of a cheesy thrill and capturing their moment of Bravery.

Ina 32 year old man named David Lopez man was gored to death while capturing the feud between two bulls. He was silly enough to leave the protected area to make a video and the bulls turned their anger on the man who was holding a latest iPhone in his hand. Surprisingly, the man actually died with a smile on his face as if he knew it was a suicide mission.

The footage was however confiscated by the authorities for evidence. Welcome to the new era of selfie mania where every activity ends up being posted on the social media. This woman named Courtney Stanford in North Carolina posted that she was feeling happy while driving but she also needed to post a selfie to prove that she was actually happy.

So while proving it, her car veered across the centre of the road and hit a truck with a head-on collision just before smashing into a tree.

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She died on the spot on April 26th, Cabo da Roca is considered as the most romantic place in Western Europe where the continent meets with the storming waters of the Atlantic ocean. Visiting it and not taking a selfie is literally considered as a sin!

Most of the people who visit this place try to take a cliche shot. One Polish couple decided to make their Facebook friends envy their life and decided to pose on the edge of the grovel and pushed the envelope.

They contributed in enriching the list of death while taking selfies. The two fell hundreds of meters to their deaths right in front of their children. Most of the teenagers avoid their parents getting tagged into their facebook accounts but this boy did not shy away.

This seemingly perfect picture inside an airplane was taken and uploaded just seconds before the take off. The flight MH17 was scheduled to land in Kuala Lumpur but was shot by a missile while passing over Eastern Ukraine and never reached its destination. This single picture reminds everyone of that tragedy! A Chinese man pushed his enthusiasm for a selfie with a walrus to extreme and ignored all the safety precautions.Even further back in our minds, we have a vague understanding that death can happen to us at any moment, though the millions of moments that have already passed without incident may give us false optimism.

Maybe even days, weeks, or months?

50 Most Tragic Pictures in Photographic History

Be sure to like All That Is Interesting on Facebook and to check out our other galleries on life inside North Korea and the last photos of 15 icons before they died. Then, read up on the five worst ways to die. By Richard Stockton. Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email.

This picture is from Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands, in This wind turbine caught fire as two technicians were working on it, and there really wasn't much they could do once the blaze got going. In this picture, the two embrace before one tries his luck at jumping almost feet to his death.

tragic photos before death

The other tried crawling down through the tube, only to get trapped inside. They were 19 and 21 years old. Source: Reddit. Carl Williams was an Australian drug kingpin who got into some legal trouble and was sentenced to life in an Australian prison.

During his time behind bars, he reportedly turned informant and started talking about former associates. In this picture, an associate of his former associates approaches Williams from behind with a piece of tubular steel torn out of an exercise bicycle.

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Williams' body wasn't discovered for another half an hour. Source: News. A British mall surveillance camera captured this image in The little boy is James Bulger, and he's holding hands with a year-old who is leading him out of the mall. After leaving the premises, they were joined by another year-old. Together, the two older boys killed James, apparently for no reason.

tragic photos before death

The senseless brutality of the murder shocked British society to its core. James' killers were held for years in juvenile detention, then took new identities on being released as adults. Source: The Mirror.

James in happier days. Source: Pix Shark. Parkour is an amazing urban sport.

tragic photos before death

Freerunners leap, scale, and flip over the sides of buildings as if gravity has given them a hall pass. Pavil Kashin, however, had his pass revoked with this maneuver.While that may be the case, when death strikes, somebody somewhere is going to be hurting: loved ones, children, friends, or family. These look like normal pictures, but what happened after they were taken is shocking.

They are blissfully ignorant of the fate awaiting them. Here is Johnny Cash performing at 71 years old. It was his last live performance. This is the last known photo of Patrick Swayze before he succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of He was an American actor, dancer, singer and songwriter. Swayze became popular for playing tough guys and romantic lead males in movies such as Ghost and Dirty Dancing. This is a picture of Concorde Flight as it caught fire during takeoff. All one hundred passengers and 9 crew members aboard the Concorde died when it crashed into a hotel in nearby Gonesse.

On the ground, four people were killed and one was critically injured. Caused by one of the left-hand engines caught fire on take-off, this was the only fatal Concorde accident during its year operational history.

On April 20,high school students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered their school in Jefferson County and using guns and pipe bombs, murdered a total of 12 students and one teacher. They injured 24 additional people. The pair then committed suicide. He warned students in the cafeteria that a shooting was happening, saving hundreds of lives.

All passengers perished, plus the seven that were on the ground. It collided midair with a private Cessna light aircraft. Neither came down from the mountain alive.

This was the last known picture of them before they died. Whether Mallory and Irvine reached the summit before they died remains a subject of speculation and continued research.

Here we see the mayor of St. Louis, William Dee Becker, sit alongside other politicians before a fatal test flight on a military glider in The glider, flying directly over the field at a height of about 2, feet, began its death journey earthward immediately after being released from a Douglas C cargo plane.

Immediately after the release, the left wing of the glider buckled and collapsed.

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All on board were killed. The outbreak was confined to one village and affected people, resulting in deaths. The ship they said was unsinkable … The doomed Titanic on its first and last voyage on April 14thThis is the last picture of the Titanic afloat, shortly before it hit an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

A musician noticed the start of a fire that would kill people at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island on Feb. This is the last known picture to be taken of 24 year old rapper Notorious B.

He is seen here leaving a party minutes before he was killed by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting. Joe Kelly is seen here so full of life with his two sons at the Yankee Stadium on September 10, We usually take photos to record the happiest moments that we live, share them with those whom we love and to keep these happy moments memorable forever, but it seems that all the photos which are taken are not the same.

There are photos that are taken to record the worst moments in our life and to also make them memorable forever, these photos are the ones which are taken just moments before death. There are self photos that people take of themselves and these photos are called selfies. These selfies have recently appeared but quickly spread among people especially teenagers to be like fever that sometimes leads to death.

Yes, it has become like a competition that kills those who participate in it for the sake of attracting attention and impressing others. They try to capture perfect and impressive shots for entertaining themselves and others but the result is shocking as they die or at least get injured seriously.

Do you want to know more about those who killed themselves by their selfies and others who immortalized the last moments for them in life before death by capturing selfies? Take a look at the following top 10 selfies captured moments before death.

A selfie taken minutes before the crash It was in December when the Mexican pop star Jennie Rivera and others on a private jet took a selfie before taking off. It was the last selfie they took as the private jet crashed immediately after taking this selfie and it did not leave any one to survive. The plane was shot down over Ukraine and led to their death.

The couple fell from the cliff and died. This accident took place on August 10, Shot himself in the head for taking a selfie The Mexican man Oscar Otero Aguilar who is just 21 years old shot himself in the head in July for the sake of taking a selfie while carrying a gun to upload it to his Facebook page. Of course he did not survive. Singing karaoke Two Iranian girls decided to take a selfie while singing karaoke and driving on the road. They kept singing and driving without watching the road and this led to crashing into another car.

Fortunately, they did not die and they did not also stop taking selfies as they took another one on their way to the hospital.

20 Photos Of People In Their Final Moments Before Death

It is the real madness. The selfie was uploaded to Instagram by Jadiel just seconds before he had a deadly motorcycle crash. Electrocuted on the train It was in Jaen, Spain in March when a year-old man decided to take a selfie on the top of a movie train. This man quickly died after being electrocuted.

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