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Rabbit hunt drama cd soundcloud

Please let me know if there are any mistakes. Reiji: Thirteen vampires… … descendants from the same lineage, all of them divided into three families. Destined to obtain one woman. Kino: Agaiiin with that legend?

Kino: We must obtain one woman, which is Eve. Once you get obtain her, you will become the Supreme King. Reiji: Exactly. To be the Supreme King is the destiny that was imposed upon us. We must not let other family to overcome us. Shu: Haa … … How bothersome.

Reiji: Shu, this is a matter of major importance for all of us brothers. The person who obtains her, shall also obtain the world. Nevertheless, whoever gives up the fight, even if it is a vampire, shall get the worst of punishments.

Keep reading. Be grateful. Because I do this for you…The one who controls you is Ayato-sama. Kou: Ah! You woke up! Azusa: How you… feel? Does something hurt you? Carla: This place is the mansion where we live.

Subaru: And we… we are vampires. Kou: Ahh, wait! After all the Scarlet brothers did very cruel things to her Subaru: Ch! Shut up, I just told the truth. Azusa: Poor Eve.

After all the reason that we kidnap you from the Scarlet Family and we took the trouble to bring you here was to protect you. Kou: So, so! Do you know, we want to get along with you! Azusa: Sorry for to have kidnapped you so suddenly. But… I was in a hurry to save you, Eve. Audio: Here. The answer is A LOT.

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I bet the Princess Land staff had the words day of their lives. From wrecking statues, to attractions to setting an entire tower on fire, these boys really went on a rampage! However, I know this track in particular was highly requested, so I hope all of you will enjoy it!

If you would like to request a translation, please contact me through IMs or drop an ask!

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Cast: Sakamaki Laito CV.Japanese male voice equals my absolute weakness. It is a free audio application you can upgrade to premium version for ad-free and listen offline features.

You can create your own playlists like YouTube but it's more convenient with a lot more stories. Also, you are able to listen while having your phone performing other task and it's not as internet consuming. Set in Meiji era, you mc lost your parents during the war.

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On the way to Hokkaido, you were kidnapped. Of course, you will hear lots of blood sucking sounds through out the story! There is a lot on dramacdtranslations. I always skip his route when playing DL series. Tbh he annoyed me in DL and I focused on Ayato and Laito but after falling in love with his obsessed, cute, screaming voice I don't mind anymore and now he is on 2nd place :joy: :joy: :joy: srsly if you like his voice, try to listen something else :D.

Oh yeah that scream!! It's a shame I haven't been able to find the Mukami lost Eden one as well as the tsukinami one, but I guess I'll just need to be patient This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Hi guys, just want to do a mini review for an audio application today. Recently, I enjoy SoundCloud a lot! Likes Comments Like Read 2 more replies. Reply to: ALCEA Tbh he annoyed me in DL and I focused on Ayato and Laito but after falling in love with his obsessed, cute, screaming voice I don't mind anymore and now he is on 2nd place :joy: :joy: :joy: srsly if you like his voice, try to listen something else :D.

Reply to: Klaudyna Oh yeah that scream!! I found a small part of Kino's track 4, around the kissing scene :flushed: Have you found it?Skip navigation!

Story from Music. Euphoria 's trippy finale gave us more than the typical closure that comes with the last episode in a season — it gave us a new Zendaya song, successfully making this show's soundtrack one of the best of the year. The result is a intoxicating new track, which you can listen to here. If you haven't already, check it out below. The video, which is just the final 3 minutes of the finale, isn't really a spoiler, but you have been warned. Original story follows.

It's no surprise that a show like Euphoria on HBO has such a killer soundtrack. The high school-centric drama experiments with taboo plot lines at the least and truly uncomfortable scenarios between minors at the mostand the songs in the show are equally transfixing and unnerving.

Even though the s eason finale is fast approachingwe have many a lot more music to look forward to in the show's confirmed second season. The artists and the lyrics are, at times, just as intense as the subject matter. This show's soundtrack, l ike its eye makeupwill keep you coming back for more.

Jen Malone, the show's music supervisor, said that her main source of musical inspiration for Euphoria came from her real-life friends. The one unifying element of Euphoria 's sound comes from Labrinth, a singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer out of England who provides the show's score. Malone says his contribution as a composer is the best part of the show, and after hearing that final song in episode 2, "Mount Everest," I have to say I agree.

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Stream HBO's Euphoria playlist below — it will be updated weekly. Unfortunately, thanks to social distancing orders, school dances and proms everywhere have been deemed impossible.

In an attempt to cheer up disappointed h. So, I wrote a book call. We want to shine the spotlight on women artists whose music inspires, excites. Quarantine has meant a lot of settling.

Settling for at-home happy hours instead of being out at bars. Settling for Zoom birthday parties instead of the re. Kanye West is the king of controversial opinions.

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Over the course of his colorful career, the rapper has been known to share his thoughts on any and everyt. Demi Lovato has well and truly put her Disney days behind her, including those friendships that were formed during Sonny With A Chance and her subsequent t. As the world practices social distancing, a beloved boy band may be getting back together…at least, in some capacity. In honor of the 10th anniversar.

Feuds are an inevitable part of the rap game. All Lizzo and Diddy wanted to do was get in on the celebrity live-streaming trend, but they ended up accidentally creating an Easter controversy.Posting Komentar. Yupthis is the reason why I made a list Drama CD BL although not understand what they say as long as it can hear the soundis enough right?

Ameiro Paradox Drama CD. Gosan no Heart. Critical Lovers Drama CD. Aisaresugite xx Sarechau. Tamayura Drama CD. Drama CD. His assistant, Ishida Higuchi Tomoyuki worries for his safety as the letter threatened that only by his death can his crime be absolved. The only crime he could probably have committed would be to make a mistake in his forensic conclusions. However, he is confident that it will never happen.

Based on: Katekyo! One day, Rintarou finds out that he's actually in love with Kaede when he was receiving H punishment! But, without knowing Kaede's feelings, Rintarou became anxious and--?!

Little sadistic home tutor x natural high school student's after class love. Hirakawa Daisuke x Maeda Tsuyoshi. Facing restructing, a guy appeared before him when he wanted to give up.

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Having obtained the glasses and on the road to being a beast, will Katsuya obtain real love? Some day, turns out Asada gets to work with the object of his admiration-- a handsome man named Mizuki.

After an awkward conversation with Mizuki, where Asada asks him if he's married due to the ring on his finger, Asada finds out from some co-workers that Mizuki's gay and out of the closet. Not that it matters. Asada gets to know Mizuki better and finds himself getting more and more drawn to him and a roller-coaster of feels set in a pretty slice-of-lifey atmosphere takes your heart and squeezes until you can't breathe anymore before letting it pump up again with happiness.More Images.

Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Hip Hop. Add Review soulkings December 23, Report. Classic LP that was cool when it came out and stood the test of time very well. I have been checking The Turnaround regularly over the years. There is no doubt about it that it will never leave the shelves.

rabbit hunt drama cd soundcloud

Be warned, the lyrics are definitely too street for the "average" listener, so it will never be rated very high on sites like rateyourmusic. Nevertheless, K-Def is a genius that had probably not the best of luck with his career even though his beats are timeless. Most importantly, this is highly consistent and works over the full album length. Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. Reply Notify me Helpful. Goonz November 26, Report. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. OceanMang December 13, Report. VinylChamber July 9, Report.

rabbit hunt drama cd soundcloud

Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4. Vinyl Rap LP's by grandmasterzotan.Keep reading. Please wear earphones. I am not responsible for your sins. This came!

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So damn happy! Here we have Ryo Makabe drying his hair. Have listened to his route but it was taken down a few weeks after. Good stuff nonetheless. Rei Kurusu looking fantastic in bed. Got it because I love the seiyuu that did his story. And cutie Senna Kashiwagi.

rabbit hunt drama cd soundcloud

Just to be clear, these men are not from any otome game. Because my Japanese listening comprehension is better than my reading, I somehow got hooked on their sexy voices, the stories, the moans of pleasure, and the sound effects. So I decided to start collecting them last month. Ryoku Shinsen. Taro Aki, Ouma Hakurou. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma. Shinsenryoku Manaka Sawa Haru Danji Show more notes. Amayadori no Yurikago CV. Name Danshi: Kyoukaku Romanticist. Futari ni Honrou sareru Koi in Office. Big Brother x Slut CV. Yoritada Konoe Utakata Soushi Sound Inn april cd r18 otome josei josei muke situation cd drama cd r18 drama cd.

The Love Birdcage CV.The series focuses on the "Rabbit Doubt" cell phone game, with rules similar to Mafia. The players must find the wolf, or killer, amongst their group of rabbits as they are picked off one-by-one.

Six players of this game find themselves trapped in a building with one of the group already dead; to avoid the same fate, the remaining five must play a real-life game of "Rabbit Doubt" and find the wolf liar hiding among them. Square Enix also released the first volume on December 22, and released the fourth and final volume on February 12, The series has continued with two spiritual sequelstitled Judgefrom January 12, to August 11,and Secretfrom October 12, to February 12, Doubt revolves around a fictional cell phone game called "Rabbit Doubt", in which the players are rabbits in a colony; one of these players is randomly chosen to act as a wolf infiltrating the group.

Each round, the rabbits guess which is the wolf as the rabbits are eaten one-by-one until only the wolf is left. They are knocked unconscious and awaken in an abandoned psychiatric hospitalfilled with security cameras, to meet Hajime Komaba, a medical student, and discover Rei hanged. The group finds Rei's cell phone and realize that they're playing a real-life game of "Rabbit Doubt".

To survive, the wolf, described as the liar, must die. Later, the groups tries to find an exit and the wolf using bar codes found imprinted on their bodies.

However, their chances are limited as each bar code will open only one door. He tries to hide this fact by lying, saying his code was on his stomach so no one would doubt him and say he was the wolf.

Eiji is furious that this game has someone killing each other and only ceases to cause pain and anger. After unlocking a room with surveillance cameras in them, the group find a mysterious guy under a rabbit's headgear.

He later dies from a poison thumbtack under the headgear, which, when removed, would prick the unknown guy. They use Hajime's barcode to unlock a library, and there they find a book of everyone's hidden secrets, even Mitsuki.

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This causes the group to doubt one another. Haruka accuses Mitsuki being the wolf, attacks her and locks her in the bathroom. Afterwards, the roles are reversed and Hajime is tied up and Mitsuki is placed in the hospital bed from Haruka's attack. He checks the rabbit headgears and finds Haruka's head in one of them.

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