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2kd turbo upgrade

Fitting an Uprated Actuator. Hybrid Turbos offers a large range of turbo upgrades which can have a dramatic improvement on your vehicles overall BHP and performance. Alongside our hybrid turbocharger upgrades we also offer genuine direct replacement turbos through our parent company Turbo Dynamics. Take a look at what turbo upgrades we offer below and if you're unsure of anything we are more than happy to help.

If you're thinking of having your turbocharger repaired, why not upgrade it at the same time for increased reliability and performance? This has become a very popular option with customers when repairing their turbochargers. Why not speak to one of our team and see what options we have to suit your requirements?

Your vehicle deserves the best so fit one of our Hybrids today! A larger compressor wheel will allow the turbo to flow more air. More airflow, as we know, equals more power with the correct modifications and mapping!

Our hybrid turbochargers usually feature the fitment of larger compressor wheels than standard. A lot of our hybrid turbochargers feature our own, unique, design of billet compressor wheel.

The compressor wheels are CNC machined from a forged billet of aluminium to our own specification and dimensions ensuring that the performance lives up to our high standards. Utilising forged billet aluminium compressor wheels as opposed the traditional cast aluminium items allows us to not only increase the strength of the wheel very important when the blade tips on a compressor wheel can see supersonic speeds on some applications but also, through clever design, reduce the weight.

This transmits as improved turbocharger response over cast compressor wheels. The compressor cover will need Re-Profiling and the Compressor Backplate may well need modifying at the same time. The fitment of a larger compressor wheel can be a very effective upgrade and it's all machined in-house meaning we can get your upgraded turbo back to you faster.

A Re-Profiled Compressor Cover allows the fitment of a larger compressor wheel which is an essential part of the hybrid process. The bore of the housing is enlarged to accommodate the new, larger wheel and the profile reshaped to match.

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All this is done whilst maintaining a strict tolerance between the wheel and housing to optimise efficiency of the turbocharger. A Ported Shroud Conversion can potentially be added at the same time if required. To find out further information about a ported shroud conversion please scroll further down the page.

Modifying the Compressor Backplate allows the fitment of a Larger Compressor Wheel which is an essential part of the hybrid process. The backplate houses the recess in which the compressor wheel sits; a larger compressor wheel will require the backplate opening to suit.

As with everything done here, a tolerance is closely followed in the name of quality, efficiency and performance.FREE shipping worldwide! Find Your Vehicle. Advanced diesel chip tuning boxes guaranteed to boost performance for the Toyota Hilux range.

As such, it works in harmony with all of the built-in engine safety parameters of your Toyota Hilux. Choose the safest system you can, from a respected and trusted company, and start enjoying significantly improved performance and economy!

We're here to help! So contact usor read our FAQs. It takes minutes to order and minutes to fitso why wait? Buy now with complete confidence!


Inventory last updated: 15th of April, at am. I have tried other diesel tuning boxes for my previous vehicles Kia Sorento, Peugeot and Vauxhall Vectra The CHIP Express system does not show any evidence of this and is equal to the likes of an ECU remap which I have also had done before for smoothness and noticeable power gains. This would be the only diesel tuning product I would recommend. I bought a new 1. Whilst this engine pulls very well in standard form, and was returning mpg even during the first miles I had to go down the CHIP Express route.

Well, there is absolutely no point in forking out the extra 2 grand for the 2 litre model when you can get the 1. From what I can remember about my 2 litre test drive, my 1. The low-down grunt is remarkable and pulls like the proverbial train. Fitting took minutes and was effortless, the box was kept on factory settings, I feel there is no need to mess with it.

Needless to say I am now a very happy boy and would without question take this route again. I would recommend this to any diesel Sportage owner. Many, many thanks for a remarkable product and a customer service that is rare in this country! Unit ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday am!! Unit now fitted and, as promised, the car is transformed. Winding country lanes tackled quite happily in fifth gear.

Cruising on much smaller throttle openings and immediate response on acceleration. The car behaves as a mini car should behave. I had some initial doubts about spending quite a large amount of money on this item but it is worth every penny and would not hesitate to advise anyone to do similar.The Toyota Hilux 2. The following commonly experienced problems need some attention:. The D4D system commonly presents itself with injector problems and the main reason for this is dirty diesel being used.

In order to comply with legislation, additives are being added to diesel apart from the Sulphur already in fuel. This is being done to reduce harmful emissions. These additives create sticky deposits in the fuel system and whenever these deposits even in miniature quantities find their way into the injector, you are in for some trouble.

To prevent this from happening, you can stay clear from the biggest killer of injection systems, namely dirty diesel, such as bio-diesel. Bring your vehicle to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic and have the injectors tested.

2kd turbo upgrade

The cost of having these done will far outweigh the costs of replacing broken injectors. Owners sometimes fit an extra inline diesel filter and a water trap — connected in series to the already present filter — to protect the sensitive injectors. Steves Auto Clinicat the request of vehicle owners, can assist in this regard.

2kd turbo upgrade

Some owners mentioned that their 2. This may be cause for much concern and you may wonder what the problem is and what you are to do! If you had injectors replaced, then you have to make sure that the suction control valve SCV is also replaced.

The SCV gets clogged, no thanks to dirty diesel being used.

2KD-FTV Toyota engine

As mentioned in the previous point, it may be wise to install a second additional filter in order to minimize the risk of particles that may have slipped through the original filter, to enter the SCV.

Professional and friendly technicians at Steves Auto Clinic may assist you in both of these aspects. This is a common problem, and this tendency should at all costs be avoided. A Hilux 2. Using low grade oil will result in an excess of heat building up due to poor friction.

This in turn will result in carbonization and supply blockages as seen in the oil pick up below. If this ever happens, be sure to embrace yourself for an engine change because sludging to this extent can never fully and properly be cleared from the oil galleries. It is good practice, if ever you want to prevent the occurrence of this, to take your vehicle to a reputable workshop — such as Steves Auto Clinic — and have the injectors and diesel pump flow and pressure characteristics checked. To be on the safe side have this done every 60 km.

Potential faults on the Toyota Hilux 2.5 D4D

There are complaints that the Hilux 2. There is nonetheless also a solution, and this is to install a Unichip into your Hilux. Steves Auto Clinic excels in helping you to get more torque from your Toyota Hilux. Visit an SAC branch near you if you experience any of the issues discussed. Related Articles : My Toyota Hilux 3.

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Within the above article, potential problems, causes and fixes have been identified as founded on the experience of vehicle owners and repairers, online sources such as discussion blogs, technical service bulletins and SAC experience. This information is provided solely for reference purposes. Two of the exact same vehicles, owned by tow entirely different owners, driven in entirely different ways and on different terrains, and looked after in their own unique ways, will each behave differently.

As mentioned, this information is provided solely for reference purposes but we hope — in the process of doing so — to empower you with relevant information which may enable you to make informative decisions whenever you experience any of the mentioned setbacks.Stage 1 : Air Filter, Replacement Air Duct removes the factory restriction and Diesel Power Module We do recommend replacing the standard exhaustwith any good performance orientated aftermarket exhaust system.

Stage 2 : Serious Intercooler Upgrade! The standard intercooler is okay when working at highway speeds etc, however, for either a real off-roader or a workhorse a major upgrade to the Intercooler is required. We recommend having Stage 1 fitted either prior or at the same time as this upgrade, however if you are looking simply for increasing the reliability and engine efficiency, then this option is fine by itself.

Stage 3 - The Ultimate Turbo Upgrade : Using a custom turbine housing, unique Garrett Roller Bearing Centre and highly refined electronics, this upgrade has the potential to deliver the most impressive power-up opportunities Power is only limited to tuning ability! This upgrade is also a suitable upgrade for those who have had a factory "turbo failure" and are looking for a far more reliable option.

This turbo upgrade includes all the electronics to replace the factory boost control solenoid, which has been known to fail at the worst of times. This turbocharger upgrade bolts directly in place of the original unit, with all coolant and lubrication adapters supplied. Back to content Back to main menu.Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation is getting ready to upgrade the 2. The 2. Toyota has also installed a top-mount intercooler TMIC on the upgraded engine, hence the hood scoop.

The results of the upgrade speak for themselves. The larger 3. In fact, the torque of the new 2. The upgrade is welcome news, as we've always found the current 2. Based on the Toyota Thailand website the 2.

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As for the SUV, the new engine is only offered as a 4x2 2. The new engine in the Thai market is only offered with the 5-speed manual. There's a possibility that it will arrive with a 4-speed auto for the Philippines, but there are no complete details yet. With the new engine, Toyota is targeting the strong sales of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Mitsubishi launched the MS with their own 2. Previous article. The Blaupunkt brand name returns to the Philippines with a new and updated product line up featuring the latest technological innovations and breakthroughs. The Blaupunkt name is one we are all quite familiar with in the car audio world and some of you may have noticed that it has been oddly quiet and missing industry for the last couple of years.

Nissan likely slimming down operations due to global pandemic, among other things. Toyota surpasses 10 million unit milestone since launch in An eat, sip, and drive tour of Vancouver in fall with a hybrid Lexus UX crossover. Toyota reveals all-new Harrier crossover, features a mix of old new styling cues in one. Facelifted Nissan Kicks might make its debut sooner than later, likely coming to the Philippines. Auto News. Auto News Toyota to launch 2. Vince Pornelos Author Info.

New engine with more power, more torque August 06, Previous article - Blaupunkt returns to the Philippines The Blaupunkt brand name returns to the Philippines with a new and updated product line up featuring the latest technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Toyota to launch 2.5L VN Turbo Intercooler engine for the Fortuner and Hilux

Brent Co. Anton Andres. Featuring daily headlines and breaking news from the Philippine auto industry and around the world. All Rights Reserved. Visit our affiliate website: MotoPinas.And here is a fact that not many are aware of: It is a separate component to the turbocharger itself, and as such it can be replaced independently.

As a quick check for component at fault, look for a physical problem with the turbocharger. In such cases often you cant rev the engine above rpm as a result. In the absence of physical symptoms as described above, it is more likely to be the stepper motor faulting.

You might end up with a code similar to this: P 34 — Turbocharger stepper motor circuit intermittent.

2kd turbo upgrade

If so, you will be better off replacing just the component that is faulting. Why pay for an entire new turbo if all you need is to replace the stepper? Up until now, it was only sold as a complete unit — both actuator and turbo together. This was very expensive and unnecessary, as often it was EITHER the turbocharger OR the stepper motor that were faulty, hardly ever both units at once. Get a faster solution no need to remove the entire turbo from the vehicle AND save several thousand dollars by purchasing and replacing JUST the Stepper!.

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If you currently have a problem similar to the ones above or you have a fault code indicating a problem with the stepper motor, we have very cost-effective, suitable after market replacements for both Toyota Hilux and Prado. The stepper motors come with a 24 month warranty, double the 1 year warranty period of the original OEM. If you have any other query on matching turbo parts for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our sales support on: A quick check for Hilux Stepper Motor Problems As a quick check for component at fault, look for a physical problem with the turbocharger.

You might end up with a code similar to this: P 34 — Turbocharger stepper motor circuit intermittent If so, you will be better off replacing just the component that is faulting. Read moreWhen I opened the box I was shocked! I expected a micro chipwhat I got was a fully functional engine management computertogether with a top quality wiring harness to connect it to my vehicle. I switch between maps via a special switch. On top of all of this I can have the system re-programmed for different bolt-on configurations.

I can even have the system custom-tuned! Installation was a breeze! You must be logged in to post a review.

2kd turbo upgrade

Skip to content Home Products Toyota Hilux 2. The Unichip is transferable to your next vehicle. W-Diesel-4x4c-ID80 If you are human, leave this field blank.

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Categories: 2. Weight 4. This basically means that the Engine Management System in your ride is now as tuner friendly as the most advanced Standalone systems in the worldwithout sacrificing any of the factory features.

This feature is unmatched by any reflash-tuning or other similar product.

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Instructions Installation Instructions for 2. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Make Model Year Toyota Hilux Select Options Toyota Sequoia 5. Select Options Toyota Tundra 4.

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