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25 lb flour

This type of ordering works best for orders of pounds. If you need more flour than that at a time, please email lindleymills gmail.

Item added to cart. Enhanced flavor, improved nutrition and digestibility, and higher water absorption are just a few benefits. It will work well for Artisan Baking, baguettes, breads, and more! Whole Wheat Bread Flour: Fine whole wheat flour, milled with a process fine tuned from hundreds of bakers' feedback.

Malted X: Our Malted X is a great all around bread flour that can be used for boules, baguettes, and more. It is stronger than an All Purpose flour and has enough strength to make bread, while being great for pizza and other baked goods too. This flour is malted with organic malted barley flour.

Perfect for bagels, hearth loaves, and other artisan baking, it is a very strong bread flour with the strength to hold up inclusions like fruit, nuts, and other grains. Milling fresh grain at home?

How To Store Flour Long Term - Best Method DIY - Storing Flour

This is our go to white flour and can get you started with almost any baking project. It is slightly stronger than many typical southern all purpose flours, but we think this increases the range of what you can bake with it, making it more versatile and a great addition to any pantry. These grits are exactly what your grandmother would have dreamed of and take about minutes to cook fully.

They contain some corn bran and germ, making them more nutritious than their grocery store "quick grit" counterparts. If you are looking for golden grits with tons of flavor, you are in the right place! See more about our grits here. It's incredibly thirsty, flavorful and a lot of fun!

25 lb flour

More info here. The smell alone will get you hooked. More info and recipes here. It has an incredible smell and flavor and can take more water than regular whole einkorn flour.

With a different gluten content than other wheats, it's great to try for those looking to reduce gluten in their diets. It's protein strength and composition is a bit different like einkorn but it has rich flavor and great aroma. Whole Einkorn: This flour makes your loaves literally turn to gold!

Einkorn is the predecessor to all modern wheat and can be great for those looking for full gluten alternatives. Read more about gluten content here and the product itself here.

Pounds to Cups Calculator

These sizes too large for your needs? Check out our smaller bags of flours here.

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Have more questions? Reach out to us by email at lindleymills gmail. Have questions not answered here? Let us know at lindleymills gmail. FedEx Ground typically takes business days from shipment date depending on how far you are from us in Graham, NC.

We mill thousands of pounds of flour a day and are always replenishing our "stock" for these orders since we try to ship them out as close to your order date as possible.Our Peacock All Purpose Flour can be utilized in just about any recipe. This all-purpose flour is versatile and offers an amazing flavor and baking quality no matter your recipe.

The gluten quality in our Peacock Brand flour is high enough to make delicious bread and low enough to be used in any biscuit, cake and pastry recipe. You will be unable to checkout if you place more than 2 bags flour. Turkey Brand Flour is a variety specific blend of hard wheat; milled to achieve excellent baking for white pan breads, hearth rolls, and variety breads with good color, flavor, and texture.

To take full advantage of the strength of this flour, you may have to mix the dough longer than you typically would. This flour is milled from hard red whole wheat that's been hand-selected, graded and evaluated to provide the highest quality whole wheat flour available.

This whole wheat flour is ideal for making any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour. This product features no flour additives and has been milled from certified organic hard wheat. It's baking performance resembles that of our renown Turkey Brand Flour and gives an option to those who wish to purchase an un-treated flour. We guarantee that the wheat used in this flour is not genetically modified. Lehi Mills is teaming with the Single Parent Project to support single-parent families.

Join In. You might also like…. Related products Turkey Brand Unbleached Enriched White Flour 25 lb Turkey Brand Flour is a variety specific blend of hard wheat; milled to achieve excellent baking for white pan breads, hearth rolls, and variety breads with good color, flavor, and texture. What do our customers think? This popup will close in:.Prairie Mills Self-Rising Flour is a double-sifted, white bleached, flour used in all types of baking of pastries and confectionaries such as pies, cakes, some light breads, and candy.

This flour can also be used as a thickening agent in sauces and gravies as well as a non-sticking agent in baking. The self-rising leavening in this flour makes baked goods rise faster and creates a lighter texture. Dried, bleached wheat flour with natural flavor and aroma. This product is processed and packaged under modern, food-grade sanitary conditions.

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Plastic handle in top seam for easy carrying. Assembled Country United States. Component Country USA.

25 lb flour

Shipping Info Standard - null to null business days Premium - 2 to 4 business days Express - 1 to 2 business days.Great Value All-Purpose Flour is a kitchen essential and is ideal for everyday baking needs. Use it for a wide range of foods, from loaves of bread and muffins to cakes and cookies.

This bleached, all-purpose flour is enriched, pre-sifted and ready to use. It's rich in thiamin, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin. There are calories per serving. To ensure freshness, pour an opened bag into an airtight storage container and store it in a cool, dry area of your kitchen pantry. The pound sized bag is perfect to fulfill all your baking needs.

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Instructions: Store flour in an airtight canister in a cool, dry place. For longerstorage, wrap tightly in a plastic food-storage bag And refrigerate orfreeze. Always bring To room temperature before using. This is all purpose sifted flour. You can use it for most all your baking. I'm not sure if you could find it at any lower cost than this unless you go out and thrash it yourself.

I use it for most all my baking. I make yeast rolls, biscuits, breads, pizza crusts, pie crusts, cakes, cookies, and more, all using this flour. I store it in huge jars with good seals. I don't put it in the fridge nor the freezer. As stated, I store it in huge glass jars and I have never seen any bugs or critters in this flour.

Professional bakery flour

It's not like it will last you years. If you're frequently baking something, it will probably last you three or six months. If you rarely use flour, then I wouldn't suggest buying this size bag.

You can easily do the math. The expiration date on the recent bag I purchased, is approximately one year from my date of purchase. Therefore, you can do your math on how many cups of flour you generally use per week and how long it would take you to use up 25 pounds of flour.

Either way you say it, this 25 lb bag of All Purpose flour is a bargain. At two bucks a pop, it's a no-brainer.All purpose flour milled in the heart of Texas for over years. Crafted with professional and home bakers in mind, Pioneer All Purpose Flour treats bakers, chefs and experimenters to premium ingredients and tasty results, every time. This 25 pound bag is packed full of quality, perfect for those who go through quite a bit of flour.

Preparation Instructions.

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POUR the cup of hot water on the shortening, add salt and mix. COOL until lukewarm.

Store Flour in Bulk for the Long Haul

BEAT eggs and sugar together. ADD the dissolved yeast. PLACE in a covered bowl, let rise until double in size. Let stand in room temperature to warm up a little. PLACE oiled baking pans and let double in bulk.

BAKE in a preheated oven at F for minutes. CUT in shortening with a knife or crumble in with fingertips. ADD water gradually, stirring lightly to make a thick dough. PLACE in oiled pie pans and press into shape. BAKE at F for about 10 minutes. MAKES two 8-inch pie shells. Nutritional Info. Related Recipes. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins June 7, Read More.

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Pioneer White Cornmeal 2 lbs. Pioneer Yellow Cornmeal 2 lbs. Pioneer Yellow Cornmeal 5 lbs. Pioneer All Purpose Flour 5 lb.

Start typing and press Enter to search.Calculator for converting all-purpose flour, plain flour, flour-type 00, self-raising flour, rye flour, wholemeal and whole grains flour types.

Conversions from weight and dry volume scales for baking recipes. Then convert the measurements units into grams g, cups, ounces oz, pounds lb, quarts gt, tablespoons. You may enter whole numbers, decimals or fractions ie: 7, If a bag of whole wheat or wholemeal flour from the local shop tells you that the weight of one quarter of a cup is 30 grams and that makes it 4.

25 lb flour

And that's 5. If you push it harder into the cup for instance, consequently the weight gets much higher, easy as that. This is well known in culinary arts practice. Volume methods for measuring amount of flour produce various results. Depending on flour density and not just on the amount, a packed up cup with flour gets much higher weight compared with a weight of sifted flour.

This is the reason why bakers relay on weight measures for dry ingredients, they want to produce all batches the same. Those interested in happy baking, best to consider these facts and, better to invest in buying kitchen scales for absolutely much better results. They cost just a few bucks. Also, if a flour is simply scooped by a cup it gets packed towards the cup floor and the amount is different again instead of being an exact measure as it should.

In Australia the all-purpose flour is called plain flour or simply white flour, weight of these is grams per 1 cup. Same goes for the whole wheat flourin Australian it's called wholemeal floursame products grams per 1 cup. Any body calls flours slightly differently? The wording outcome on your site will appear as: Flour volume vs weight units converter.

I've done my best to build this site for you- Please send feedback to let me know how you enjoyed visiting.

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Convert flour measurements units, volume versus weight cups into grams g and ounces oz used in cooking recipes. Flour Amounts Conversion Calculator Calculator for converting all-purpose flour, plain flour, flour-type 00, self-raising flour, rye flour, wholemeal and whole grains flour types.

Enter Flour Amount:.At PreparednessMama, we always like to give our readers the best tips on food storage to be prepared for anything. Today we want to share our advice for how best to store flour.

25 lb flour

You might be interested in how to incorporate cooking ingredients into your 3 month food supply plan. Many of our readers want to be as prepared as possible for the next unexpected crisis. This could be a natural or political disaster that causes a food shortage. Or, like is the case today, a viral pandemic may require us to stay home for weeks or even months.

In cases like these, you want to be able to rely on your own supply of food. These might be frozen goods or cooking ingredients in the pantry. Either way, you want to have enough stock to last you for at least a few months. Flour is an essential component of a whole host of American meals that we know and love. You may have already read our more extreme preparedness guide for food storage.

For those with the resources available, consider our guide to a 25 year emergency food supply. Most of these foods are freeze dried or vacuum sealed to guarantee such a long shelf life. Did you know that flour can also last for a quarter century? Why is flour such an essential ingredient for long term storage?

Whether a pantry item to bulk up your 3 month food supply, or part of long term emergency storage, flour is used a lot. Craving pancakes? Better have enough flour. Plan on baking… anything? How about homemade pasta? You can even make your own delicious bread with nothing more than flour and water! Would it surprise you to learn that humans have been using flour for over 8, years?

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